Mystical World


**Genre:** Contemporary Fantasy

**Age Group:** children age 12+

**Themes:** found family, coming of age, growth, accepting who you are, friendship, responsibility, consequences

**Hookline:** Imagine you want to make a name for yourself and end up repeating your grandparents heroic actions because people are stupid as hell.

Mystical beings lived concealed as humans among us for centuries now. One of them is Aleena, the 13 years old nymph born to a nymph and a kitsune-nymph hybrid, training to be a fierce Shieldmaiden by choice under her master Swea. She tries to find her place in a world that only sees her as the granddaughter of the great heroes of the war of fate that took place almost 50 years ago.

When she meets her cousin Thane at a family gathering she distrusts him but has to arrange herself with him since he became another fosterling of Swea by the request of his father. She has to navigate her suspicion of him, her training and the annoying antics of her 15 years old foster-sister Nora on a daily base.

Things change when they accidentally run into a big mystery: Some of the parchments vanish for the safe havens, the hidden secured places for the mystical beings and no one knows how this is even possible because the parchments are needed as ID.

Aleena and Thane decide to uncover the secret behind it and find a threat way bigger than expected. The energy lines each mystical being relies on are at stakes when the still unknown force starts to mess with them and with them their life hidden from the humans is endangered.

While she feels the urge to find out what force is responsible for this and save the mystical beings from being revealed to modern humans, she has to juggle her training, not getting caught by the adults and preventing the humans from finding out everything about their world because the adults are no help.

Still traumatized from the War of Fate these centuries-old mystical beings are afraid to step up for themselves or plain ignore her warnings because she is just a young one who didn’t even have her full powers yet. So it is up to the young ones to save everyone’s ass and surviving their teenage years in more than just one way.


**Aleena**: just turned 13 at the beginning of the story and trains under Swea for two years now, her nymph powers just start to show themselves and might make things more interesting or complicated along the way, she gets annoyed by all the romantic feelings of people around her easily but mostly has a free spirit and enjoys the good things.

**Thane:** 12 years old, never met the whole family before the big gathering because his father didn’t know about him until he came back when Thane was five and planned to keep the family apart from the mystical side until he was sure Thane had mystical blood running through him. The plans to meet the mystical side got canceled when Thane’s mother got cancer and died after a long fight. After all these things Thane is not big with talking.

**Nora:** 15 years old, a born Shieldmaiden and distant relative of Swea, she is Aleena’s foster-sister and recently became obsessed with flirting much to Aleena’s dismay. Besides this Nora has a sharp mind and sometimes talks too much.

**Swea:** a dragon no one knows how old she really is, as one of the oldest among the Shieldmaiden even if she doesn’t belong to the tribe of the Shieldmaiden by birth, she regularly trains youngmaidens like Aleena and Nora. She has a wicked sense of humor and loves to play Jedi mind games on others what gave her the nickname of “Master Yoda” among Aleena’s and her family.