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Worldbuilding Always Prepared: Festivals through the year

While there are varying holidays in each city-state all over Mitresk there are some festivals that are celebrated everywhere. Let’s start at the beginning of the year.

New Year: Unlike the people of Earth the people of Mitresk don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve. Instead they celebrate New Year’s Day starting at noon because an old belief said you can’t trust the first twelve hours of the first year. It is celebrated at home with friends and family with good food, music, and alcohol for the adults. A special mead is made for this day and it’s been said everyone who shares this mead with a person they like will have a good year. Traditionally this day is also used to make up with friends and family for things you did or say that weren’t nice, so all of you can start the new year on good terms. In the afternoon New Year’s cake will be served that looks like a wheel and has a coin hidden in it. The person who finds the coin is granted a lucky year by superstition. Since the parties are long and jolly no one will go back to work until January 3rd.

Spring Equinox: Since it often falls around the time the farmers are finished to prepare their fields for summer harvest it is a big gathering with parties at the town/village square. It all starts with symbolic suns and wheat sheaves being carried through the streets towards a podium on the town square. Little notes with wishes can be pinned at the symbolic sun and ask for some luck or a good harvest etc. After this, the musicians will start to play and the dances start. It is also often a time where couples announce their engagement and ask for the sun’s good luck for their marriage. There are also games for all ages where you can win prizes from small plush dragons to gift certificates for a nice restaurant. Puppeteers will play well known children stories or the regions favorite stories. The celebration will often last until the next morning.

Kasht’s Awakening: Celebrated during the last Week of May. During this week the people celebrate the birth, life and doing of Kasht who was the first dragon to teach a human more than 3000 years ago. It is counted as the turning point of the relationships between humans and dragons. During the week there will be plays either by puppeteers or theater groups that show Kasht’s life and how he started to teach humans. Children will get dragon lantern that get sent into heaven with their wishes for their future. Dragon shaped filled cakes will be served at every corner. The magic students show what they learned at the academy with little magic shows. There are fireworks at the last day which are always anticipated with huge excitement.

Lover’s Day: Basically the Valentine’s Day in Mitresk which is celebrated at August 1st with candy in a double heart shape that will be given to your partner to symbolize the love for each other. Also common gifts are key pendants, feathers dyed into the partners favorite color or a nice evening at a restaurant/a home cooked meal. It is not uncommon for close friends to exchange self-made gifts that day as well since a close friendship is viewed similar to a romantic relationship.

Harvest festival: Will be celebrated around mid to late October as soon as the last harvest is done. There is a big harvest fair with grilled meat, fresh batches of mead and lots of games and music along with farmer’s markets where the fresh goods are sold along homemade stuff. Aside from the festival place are always secured places where people can give away their unwanted prizes or donate their prizes to the orphanages and children of low income families around the area.

Winter Lights: Three days long festival that starts a day before winter solstice and last until a day after winter solstice. During these three days, all houses are decorated with all kind of lights to remind people that even if winter is still going on will last for some more weeks the sun and the light will come back no matter what happens. It is the time to gather around fire places with hot drinks and tell stories of the past. At winter solstice young women will walk around with candles after sunset to bring the light to every house with the magic academy in the big cities being the last stop. The academies will hold the winter lights dance where everyone is invited to come. The dance is a big ball that is been held at the huge hall of the academy with lights hovering above the participants all night.

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